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By gotoxy av-media
Hello to all,

simple Q: Does VDM work in the latest MaxwellRelease?

I did several tests and can`t get it to work properly...i generated Meshes and VD-Maps using mudbox,zbrush and 3dcoat, but no success using VDM with Maxwell4MAYA!
Feeding those Meshes and Maps in Arnold4MAYA is fast and simple, and delivers good results.

So, Meshes and Maps are correct!

Please confirm that VDM in Maxwell is broken, or correct me if i am wrong!

best regards
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By gotoxy av-media
hi tomo,

thank you for testing! I used flat and catclark with several preset-combinations, but no success for tangent space.
I need to go tangent space, because the mesh will be deformed later in animation...

Can you reproduce this VD-ear in tangent space?

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By T0M0
You are right, there is something strange going on with vector displacement.

I always got strange result when I used Absolute Tangent (vd map was created for abs. tangent), hope Mihnea will help.
By Juan Ramirez
Hi Gotoxy,

Could we have a look at that displacement map so we can test it here? Or maybe a simple scene showing the problem.

It would be very useful to debug it.


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