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By ababak
Some highlights of this release are as follows:
A new render setup system makes working with shot-based overrides, templates, and collections quick and easy.
The new Shape Editor and Pose Editor, plus the many enhancements to the Blend Shape deformer, bring expanded capability to shape authoring, such as letting you sculpt directly on a skinned character.
New motion graphics tools in Maya feature a procedural, node-based workflow to create custom animations using the MASH toolset.
In addition, this release contains many enhancements and updates to symmetry modeling, UV editing, polygon modeling, and animation performance, as well as numerous new Bifrost and XGen features.
Some videos:

It looks like most of the changes should work fine with Maxwell nodes out of the box, right?
Any estimates on when the Maxwell will support Extension 2?
By burnin
API compatibility

Maya 2016 Extension 2 is not binary compatible with Maya 2016.

C++ plug-ins that were compiled against Maya 2016 or Maya 2016 Extension 1, including Maya 2016 service pack releases, must be re-compiled against Maya 2016 Extension 2 in order to be recognized by this version of Maya.

In addition, plug-ins compiled against Maya 2016 Extension 2 will either not load or exhibit unpredictable behavior if loaded in Maya 2016, Maya 2016 Extension 1, or any Maya 2016 service pack release.
By jfrancis
I've installed Maya 2016.5 and now 2016 has no license, so I'm without Maxwell for a while I guess, unless I can roll back to 2016
By jfrancis
Lynda has a pretty good 3.5 hours on how you use the motion graphics stuff. Sometimes the colors are handled using vertex color. Is that supported in Maxwell? Also some objects come and go over the course of a sequence. I wonder how Maxwell material shader assignment will work with them.
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By will
Thank you for update.
We know you guys and gals have a lot to do.
Looking forward to it.
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