Which version of Maya are you using?

2008 - 2010
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2013 or newer
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By Mihnea Balta

We're currently supporting 8 versions of Maya, starting with 2008 and up to 2014 (update coming tomorrow), including the dubious 2013.5 release. These versions have started diverging significantly, so we'd like to remove support for older releases, in order to reduce the maintenance effort. The versions are grouped as follows:
- 2008, 2009 and 2010 are very similar between them and fairly different compared to 2011 and up (due to the introduction of Qt in 2011)
- 2011 has similar UI to the newer versions so we wouldn't have to maintain the Carbon (Mac) and Motif (Linux) UI code anymore, but has poor support for custom attributes (such as Maxwell camera settings, color correction controls on textures etc.)
- 2012 introduces a much better system for custom attributes, but lacks the ability to extend the Attribute Editor to show them
- 2013 finally adds Attribute Editor callbacks, making custom attributes much more robust

Therefore, I'd really like to drop 2008-2010 and maybe 2011 too. It would be nice if we can also drop 2012, but that's probably not an option yet. Anyway, we wouldn't make these changes now (we already have different code paths for each version where appropriate, and they work), but more likely towards the end of the year.

Also, is anybody still using 32-bit Maya on Windows? That doesn't seem practical these days (and starting with 2014 there isn't going to be a 32-bit version anymore) so I'm partial to removing 32-bit support.

What do you think?
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By limbus
Right now we use Maya 2013, 64 Bit on Windows and Mac. As soon as the new plugin is out, we will switch to 2014. We keep 2012 and 2011 around for compatability reasons but that is just a precaution and don't think anyone ever used these old versions.

Cheers, Florian
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