By AlexP

Is there any way to fit fire window to be proportionally scaled, now when I resize it it rescale maxwell fire image too...

Best regs.
By AlexP
I mean, when I have film aspect 2:1 to make fire window 2:1 aspect too keeping pixel aspect 1:1 leaving black borders on sides or on top/bottom when resizing... or just lock aspect of fire window
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By Mihnea Balta
It's not possible to lock the aspect of the window without major hacks and other inconveniences. However, you can display the film and/or resolution gate, just like in a regular viewport.
By AlexP
Thanx Mihnea,
In the meantime I've turned on film gate, set fit resolution gate to horizontal and set overscan to 1, so only upper and lower border is visible. I think only lacking feature is gate mask on fire window, but border is visible so no problem here.

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