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By choo-chee
Hey maya masters....
is there a way to add more toolbar icons with some VERY needed commands, like:
* show/hide all maxwell references
* show/hide all maxwell instances
* select/de-select all maxwell.... well you get the idea I guess.
thanx !
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By Mihnea Balta
I don't think it's a good idea to clutter the shelf with a lot of buttons. We haven't received other requests for show/hide/select buttons and most likely different users need different customizations; we would end up with a million buttons.

However, it's easy to do what you wish with MEL. For example, this command selects all Maxwell references:
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select -r `ls -type maxwellReferencedMXS`
If you type this in the script editor and select the text, you can drag it with the middle mouse button onto the shelf and Maya will create a new button which runs that command. You can also use the shelf editor to add, edit and remove buttons (you will find it either in the Window -> Settings/Preferences menu, or by clicking on the down arrow on the left of the shelf).
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By choo-chee
thanx man, you see I count on you gyus to tell me how to do stuff like this...
can you PLEASE also tell me how to do the same with instances?
I'll make icons for those commands if anyone else wants it...
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