By mxwl_fjg
I'm testing the trial version of Maya, and can't seem to get hair to render (nHair).

I'm just selecting a hair example from the visor, setting up the scene for maxwell, and testing with fire.
-There is no error info in the script editor, just that the scene wont render.
-I've assigned a maxwell shader to the hair in the properties (as described in the docs online)
-If I hide the pfxHair object the scene will render.

I've tested with the braided ponytail, dreads and the bun hair styles, as well as just a sphere
with 'create hair' assigned and nothing works... Any ideas why it won't render?
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By Mihnea Balta
The latest plug-in (2.7.5) has a problem which prevents extensions (grass, hair, particles etc.) from functioning correctly. We will release a fix as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow. Sorry for the mess.
By jfrancis
Mihnea Balta wrote:Fixed, please update to 2.7.6.
I'm surprised I didn't get an email or a message from within Maya about the new plugin.
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By Mihnea Balta
Weird, we've tested the autoupdate feature and it seems to work fine. You should have received a prompt when you started Maya. Maybe there was an issue with the internet connection at that time, or you have autoupdate disabled? Did you get the update prompt when 2.7.5 was released last week?
By jfrancis
Mihnea Balta wrote: Did you get the update prompt when 2.7.5 was released last week?

I don't believe so.
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By Mihnea Balta
Check that your firewall allows Maya to connect to the internet (if you have one) and that you can access this link from the workstation (it should say 2.7.6, the current plug-in version).
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