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By r3dcube

I've got a situation where I have 3D over live action and wanted to generate a depth pass. In the colour pass I don't want the wall but in the depth I would like to see it for compositing purposes. I've tried matting the the wall in the texture and even hiding the object from camera but both completely remove the wall. Is there a way to hide the wall in the colour channel but make it visible in depth? Just adds a lot of time having to render out the two separately.

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By r3dcube
Is this something we have to render twice? I would have thought matting an object would hide it from the colour pass but since the object is still in the scene/layer it would pick it up on the depth.
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By Mihnea Balta
I think you have to do two renders. It's better to ask on the main forum though, this is an engine thing so that's the place to get a definitive answer.

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