I'm not sure if this makes a huge difference, but the 3ds Max plugin version 3.2.9 lists it's engine version as and SDK version as I have MR installed, which was released prior to the plugin. Can that cause any problems? I do get really weird errors a lot when trying to export Maxwell Grass extensions from 3ds Max.

Just thought I'd mention it. Thanks!
The issue I had is grass wouldn't export. I only edited a few settings and attached a few Maxwell Bitmap nodes, but it reported an error and stripped that extension from the exported object. I can try and recreate a small scale scene to demonstrate the issue once I get back in the office (later this morning).

Thanks Mihnea!
Hey Mihnea,
I just tried it with the new plugin and I actually found the export issue :D

When I was trying to export Maxwell Grass before, I was trying to tightly control the shape and direction of the blades. I had an initial angle map and wanted blades as straight as possible. In the "Bend" section, I set all values to zero in the hopes that would make perfectly straight blades.

It turns out that if you set the radius to zero, it errors out. I would suspect that there's either a "division by zero somewhere" or the plugin is misinterpreting the value as something other than a real number. As long as I have some value greater than zero for the radius, all other values can be zero and it exports correctly.

I just checked this in 3ds Max Design 2015 on Windows 7. I have a few other items about the plugin that I'll post about in a new post while testing on 3ds Max 2017 on Windows 10.

Thanks Mihnea!
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!