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By zparrish
Basic Setup:
Windows 7 Enterprise x64
3ds Max Design 2015 (17.0 with SP3)
Maxwell Core - RC1
3ds Max Plugin - 3.2.4

I just noticed that the 3ds Max plugin doesn't expose all of the object properties available to Maxwell Render / Studio. Specifically, it's missing the "Hidden from camera" and "Hidden from Reflections/Refractions". It does allow for "Hidden to camera in shadow pass", but not the other way around (hidden from camera, but fully visible to the shadows in the main render and the shadow pass channel).

An example of this feature is shown in the Maxwell support docs. The image on the right shows what I'm trying to do directly from 3ds Max. I can of course open the MXS file in studio and enable the correct properties. It would just be really handy to set it up directly in 3ds Max. ... 000&api=v2

Thanks Next Limit!
Max has built-in parameters for those two visibility flags, so the plug-in uses them:


Try the "Visible to Camera" and "Visible to Reflection/Refraction" checkboxes on the right hand side of the object properties dialog.
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By zparrish
Oh yeah! I almost forgot about those flags. I think the fact that there are Maxwell specific properties with there own tab is where my confusion originated from. Would it be possible to add a note on the "Maxwell" tab that tells users to refer to the "General" properties for those other 2 flags? Also, it may be helpful to clarify this in the support docs: ... nder+Flags

Thanks Mihnea!
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!