I had a need to export almost 200 versions of a 3ds Max scene to Maxwell where the only difference was an MXM file referred to by an MXM Reference material. This was for a gallery of curtain fabric products sold by my employer. I wrote a script to accomplish this. I would have posted this in the "Off Topic" section, but the script I wrote uses the Maxscript function "maxwellExportMXS" that's exposed by the Maxwell plugin.

I posted the script to ScriptSpot - Maxwell Multi-Scene gallery exporter. It let's you select multiple MXM files, the MXM Reference material to associate them to, the camera to export the scenes with, and an output directory for the MXS files. It also let's you activate some of the other parameters exposed to "maxwellExportMXS".

It's the 1st actual Maxscript I've ever written, so it's really basic and could certainly be polished up (as well as tested more thoroughly). I just wanted to share it in case anyone had a similar need and found this useful.

I'm happy to share it! :D It certainly saved me a lot of time, even if I subtract the time it took to write the script!
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!