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By stir
Hey, i am noticing some strange behavior from the dispalce modifier in 3ds max.
I was wondering if you guys knew anything about it?



as you can see, its not rendering what you see in the viewport. The displacement map is a 16bit tif from zbrush.
Using the map in the displacement section of the material works perfectly. But i have other uses for it.

I am going to grow hair on the model. Means i am having a low rez of the model where i grow the hair. This model is going to be hidden at rendertime so i only get the hairs. The main model is going to have the displacement material on it.

So this will make it look like the hair is actual growing from the highrez model but actual growing from a faster low rez model.
But here is also the problem, the displacement on the highrez makes the model "grow" a little, making the small hairs dissapear inside the model.
that's why i'm thinking maybe i can add a displace modifier on the lowrez model so it looks a tad close to the final result of the highrez :)

any ideas on the approach is appreciated also.

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