I'm running Maxwell with 3ds Max plugin 3.1.5 on Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise.

Currently, it's dropping the MXS file extension when exporting to MXS files. If I don't include a file extension, or a period at all for that matter (http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... 00&t=42810), it doesn't add ".mxs" to the file name.

If I include ".mxs" in the filename (i.e. "FILENAME.mxs"), it still drops the extension. I have to actually add a 2nd ".mxs" after the 1st (i.e. "FILENAME.mxs.mxs"). Then it strips out the 2nd ".mxs", leaving the 1st, resulting in a correct filename.

I didn't go so far as to clear out my 3ds Max user settings / profile yet. I wanted to post this in forum to see anyone else had this problem before I started breaking down my setup.

Thanks Next Limit!
Oddly enough, it doesn't appear to be doing it today. I didn't even reboot or anything, but it just stopped. When I posted this originally, I reset 3ds Max (through the UI) and made a new scene and it did exactly what I was talking about. Weird.... It actually acted like that for 3 days (ever since Monday).

I'll post back if the problem comes back or if I can figure what caused it. Thanks Next Limit!
I'll implement the request in the original thread (http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... 00&t=42810) for the next update. However, this thing with dropping the extension on export sounds really weird; it must be due to a combination of factors, because there's no code to explicitly remove the extension, but I can't see what that combination might be. It would be great if you can reproduce the bug, so I can fix it, as it sounds pretty nasty.
In the words of Bubs from Homestar Runner, "Well, I found the problem." Fortunately, no one tried to "cram-a-lam a Swiss Cake Roll into the disk drive". It was a lot cleaner than that :)

Turns out I had a period further up in the path. One of my parent folder names actually had the period. If no directory within the path has a period, then the plugin functions normally. When I tested this before, I didn't change the project folder, so my test export was writing to a directory with a period in the path.

Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks Mihnea!

The version I've just uploaded to the early builds site (3.1.6) should always append the MXS extension to the scene file names, even if the file already has a different extension (e.g. if you had scene.ext, the final name will be scene.ext.mxs; the existing extension is not removed). Please give it a try and let me know if you still encounter problems.
It works beautifully! I tested it without an extension, with the ".mxs" extension, and with multiple dots / extensions and it dealt with all of it very gracefully.

Thank you so much Mihnea!
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