Hi how I´m trying to adapt the Maxwell Render MXLight to my Lighting workflow instead a plane with a material...

I found that the MXLights lose the MXI/HDRI Texture File path when you open the scene after finish the setup, I´ll explain:

1- Open 3DSMax

2 - Put an MXLight at the scene

3- Select the MXI/HDRI Texture and put the path for the texture selecting a file (can be in the same file folder no matter)

4- Close 3DSMax

5- Open 3DSMax save file and you cant render, you need to reassign the file path for all lights that has MXI/HDRI Texture.

Thanks in advance!

And the texture looks offset 50% how I said in this post:http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... 00&t=42834

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