I exclusively use the Slate Material Editor (SME) for selecting and assigning materials. It's just easier for me to visualize what's happening that way. Most of my materials are created in MXED, saved to my library, and then referenced in the 3ds Max UI. However, if I'm only using a specific material for one project, I'll just create the material from scratch in the SME.

When I reference bitmaps using the MaxwellBitmap map, it behaves rather "glitchy" in 3ds Max's UI. It starts out collapsed within the Parameter Editor. Then, after I've selected a bitmap to load, if I click "View", it pretty much cripples 3ds Max to the point that I need to restart it. It's worth noting that the Compact Material Editor and 3ds Max UI work just fine with this feature.

Also, after I interact with about 6 to 8 different instances of MaxwellBitmap, 3ds Max just starts to slow down and lags in its viewport and UI refreshing. The Command Panel begins to not refresh cleanly and it's as though all user input gets delayed. A restart of 3ds Max brings it back to normal.

I'm not using any Aero themes for Windows, and I do have 3ds Max Design 2014 completely up-to-date. I haven't installed the 2015 software yet. I was waiting to do a complete re-install of my OS before doing that.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Is the plugin primarily designed to support the Compact Material Editor instead of the SME? I did get some comic relief from a 2012 post about the condition of the SME.

http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... or#p355008

Is it still that poorly executed? If so, I can continue to work around these issues. Perhaps I'll just use MXM references exclusively if that's the case.

Thanks in advance for any help!

System setup:
Win 7 Enterprise SP1 x64
3ds Max Design 2014 (16.0 SP5 commercial)
Maxwell Render
Maxwell Plugin for 3ds Max 3.0.35

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