In the Channels roll out when you put the value of the max distance for your DOF for this pass... these units are ever meters whatever it is your units configuration...


My units configuration with maxwell is, by reasons of scale construction, this:


But no matter I put centimetres in my units when I try to use the Zdepth pass I need to consider meters, for this I think a lot of people with this unit configuration or other that don´t be in meters (how Maxwell render Inc. said in the 3DSMax plugin Manual of firsts versions, max use meters) will be confused by this default of units conversion of the plugin, and of course this initial 100 meters of max distance.

And the great question is this lack of units conversion in this pass is a bug? and if is a bug... happens only in this Zdepth max Slot? or happens in all the units of the renderer roll outs?

We don't apply unit conversion to the depth range. The value is passed as-is to Maxwell, which considers it to be in meters afterwards. I can't remember why it's like this, but I think it was just an oversight initially; however, we can't really change it right now, because that would break existing scenes which are already set up knowing that the values are in meters.

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