By Frank1000
just started using Maxwell on 3DS Max, so far so good.
Question, why is my Fire render of the perspective view unsharp ?

By Frank1000
... hmp, not getting a sharp render any more, no matter what i do.
I have a target cam with "use target distance" on. I tried Pin Hole cam and played with more or less every cam parameter, but still unsharp yet.

By Frank1000
after intensely checking the units and sizes of the scene and objects, finally it was something wrong with the scene that was most likely based on an .fbx import from Softimage.

When i created a new scene from scratch the problem was gone.

Thx for input
By Frank1000
hm ... having the problem again. I use a perspective view, then ActiveShade it with Maxwell and it's unsharp. Even when i hit Focus Selection. Then the camera is dollied far out and the object still renders unsharp.
How does this work ?


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By Fernando Tella
Check the units you are using at Customize > Units Setup > System Unit Setup button > 1 unit = xxxx xxxmeters

That's the box that matters. The objects size should be right according to those units.

In Render Setup window > General Tab > scene scale, attenuation scale, preview scale and displacement scale should be 1.

Also, target cameras are easier to check where they are focusing than free ones.

Usually, like in real photography, if the object is too small it is very hard to get in focus.
By Frank1000
Hi Fernando,
thx for reply. I'm using a decimeter format in the scene and was using it in Maxwell Render setup as well.
Does the perspective camera, being a free camera, even has the ability to Focus Selection from the Maxwell Fire in 3DS ?

By Frank1000
ok finally, after using a target cam but still having too much unsharpness, i went over f-stop and shutter speed which gave me control over the dof and was able to get it as sharp as needed.

By numerobis
Frank1000 wrote: thx for reply. I'm using a decimeter format in the scene and was using it in Maxwell Render setup as well.
reset the Maxwell scale to 1.

And sorry to say that again... but there is a manual for such basic questions :roll: ... +you+begin

and many video tutorials
By Frank1000
thx for the links to the nice resources numerobis. i'm researching, reading, watching stuff very frequently especially before i ask in a forum.
My scene is setup in decimeters, that's why i've set it to decimeters in maxwell as well. Would that be wrong ? In the plugin manual for Softimage for example it requires me to set the scale to 0.1 if i was to use the system units a s decimeters. In the 3DS plugin manual it says something similar.
By numerobis
Frank1000 wrote:In the 3DS plugin manual it says something similar.
where exactly?

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