By numerobis
beta 3.0.1 - maxwell for max 3.0.28 - 3dsmax 2014

When i open the MXED in max and try to sample a color with the color picker everything freezes (i still can move the mouse) and i have to hit 'crtl+alt+del' to be able to work on.

btw... the maxwell version info inside the max preferences still says (SDK
Unfortunately there's no simple solution for this. Max is waiting for MXED to exit. When you use the color picker from MXED, it sends a message to Max to obtain the color and waits for the result. MXED is now waiting for Max while Max is waiting for MXED, so they're deadlocked until you forcefully kill one of them. This kind of problem appears in Windows whenever programs wait for each other and try to exchange messages. To fix it, we'd either have to keep Max responsive while it's waiting for MXED (which might be possible, but is not straightforward), or color picking should be done without using messages (which is outside of our control, since it's something implemented by Qt and the OS).
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