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By stir
Hi guys
I got a little problem with this scene of mine.

what we have is multiple object animating from frame 0 to 250.
they start with a scale of 0 and scale up to 100 over time together with some rotation and translation keys.

The problem is at frame 0 where everything is 0 scale it still render some cluster of objects in the middle of the screen.

this image is from frame 0

at frame 250 its a oilrig

at frame 0 it suppose to be totally black.

Here is a link to the max file if someone in interested in trying them self ... ne_t01.max

3ds max 2013
Maxwell 3

We solved the issue by baking the animated mesh with Thinkbox Xmesh. So all the pieces got baked in to one big one.
But still wondering why this is happening.

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By stir
Hi i got some news on this problem. it seems like when you animate a object from 0% scale up to 100% scale. Maxwell does something fishy. When the object is at 0% scale Maxwell renders the object in 0 0 0 world coordinates and as if the object was 100% as soon as the object gets larger then 0% it can be 1% or 0.5% it will get to its intended location.

If some one can test this together with me to see if the same happens to them try this.

1: Create a new scene
2: ad a small red sphere in 0 0 0 in worldspace
3: make a larger cube someplace but so you can see both objects.
4: make a camera and do a test render. (Now you see a red sphere and a cube)
5: Add a key to the cube at frame 40, then scrub down to frame 0 and animate the scale down to 0
6: Scrub the timeline and see the box animating from 0% to 100% scale
7: Do a render at frame 40, it should be the same as the first render.
8: Do a render at frame 0. You should no longer see the red sphere because the cube is rendered over it, when it shouldn't

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By Mihnea Balta
Sorry for not replying when you first posted it, I somehow missed this thread. I haven't investigated the problem in detail yet, but I think the engine has a problem with objects that have 0 scale. Until a fix becomes available, I think the only workaround is to animate the visibility of that object, so that it's not rendered at all in the first frame.
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By stir
Thanks for the reply.
No stress, now we at least know whats causing it.
There is then multiple workarounds we can use. Either animate the visibility as you said, or scale it down to 0.01 instead of 0 or animate and work outside 0 0 0 in world space because then we don't see it anyways.

I thought I just post the find, because sooner or later someone else gonna get the same problem.

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