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By stir

i'm not sure if this is 100% accurate yet.
But it seems like when we submit a job trough deadline render manager directly from 3ds max we are using 2 licenses for each slave.

I assume the way Nextlimit prefer we do it, is exporting out mxs from the 3ds max then submit the mxs to the slaves and then only using one maxwell_node license.

But with Deadline there is a second way of doing it, and that is submitting it as a 3ds max job. that means the slave is gonna "open" 3ds max and render it with maxwell.
That way there is no need to export out mxs files. The downside is that, now Max loads with maxwell and render with maxwell and by then using 2 license.

There is probably not much to do about it, was just wondering if this topic have bin opened before and if it have i'm sorry for this extra thread, and hope some one can point me in the right direction for it.

It will indeed look like it's reserving two licenses, but in reality it should only use one "real" license. If you start Max, Maya, Studio and two instances of Maxwell on a single machine, you will see 5 license requests, but in reality they should only consume one "real" license, as licenses are assigned per machine, not per program instance. Even if you have only two licenses, you should still be able to run Maxwell on a second machine at the same time, despite the first machine having made 5 requests.

Does it actually use up two "real" licenses in your case for every node, i.e. can you only use half of the nodes you've licensed with this setup? If so, then it's a bug and we should look into it.
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By stir
That's good news.
So far we haven't had any problems with the licenses.
And that is probably because as you say, it only uses 1 "real" license.

But that's cool, because when i test render locally, I like to keep my maxwell render windows open for a while instead of saving all the tests to disk.
so it would be horrible if the slaves started shutting down because it couldn't find any available licenses.

Thanks for clarifying.


Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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