By raduc
AlexP wrote:I think it's again in .30 plugin isn't it?
I can't reproduce it, can you tell me if this happens with all maxwell objects (MxProxy, MXSRef etc) or just one of them? Can you send me a sample scene that I can use to reproduce this ?
By AlexP
MxProxy and MXSRef, both don't display point representation. Can it be graphics card driver related? I've got ATI 7750 with newest driver.
I'm not sure if scene with simple box and one tree is needed though...
By raduc
AlexP wrote:I'm not sure if scene with simple box and one tree is needed though...
In this case the problem with the proxy object might be that it doesn't have what to display, the default LOD for the mxs proxy is 10% which for a box is 0 vertices, if this is the problem there should be a small square rendered to show the positions of the mxs proxy and vertices should start appearing after you raise the LOD to > 25%

I'm not sure what might cause the mxs file not to show, that's why I'd appreciate it if you could send me a scene, there might also be some other causes for this issue that depend on the settings and the mxs file that you try to instance.
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