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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.4
  • Max 2013 is supported
  • added a Maxwell grass modifier
  • increased maximum f/stop value to match Studio
  • added a new entry in the list of displacement types: "3D RealFlow"
  • fixed: merge materials didn't work when the target material was inside a Max multimaterial
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.6
  • added support for custom bokeh camera parameters
  • added support for negative offset values in the IBL parameters
  • the particle loader can display PXY sequence files in the viewport
  • default axis setup for the RFRK mesher set to YZX
  • fixed: browsing the material library and gallery did not work
  • fixed: render options strings (MXI path, MXS path, default material etc.) were lost after reopening a scene in Max 2013
  • fixed: bogus characters in the geographical location dropdown in Max 2013
  • fixed: bogus names for the renderer properties in MAXScript in Max 2013
  • fixed: the legacy material was not working
  • fixed: plug-in preferences (preview scene path, preview quality etc.) were not saved correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: the bitmap viewer didn't work in Max 2013
  • fixed: wrong maximum value for grass bend angle, root radius, tip radius and density
  • fixed: file -> export didn't work if a perspective viewport was selected
  • fixed: FIRE did not work in Max 2013
  • fixed: RFRK objects were flipped in the viewport compared to the render
  • fixed: the MXI path was not exported correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: BIN mesh loaders without a file assigned printed a non-descriptive warning on render
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.12
  • added support for textured material preview in Nitrous
  • added support for HairFarm
  • removed support for Max 8, 9 and VIZ
  • the Max gamma value does not influence the rendered image or material preview swatches
  • added plug-in API
  • FBX import and export supports Maxwell materials
  • set the default for use Max instancing to on
  • fixed: proxies and MXS references did not show the preview point cloud in Nitrous
  • fixed: crash when creating MXS reference objects with pivot snap enabled
  • fixed: the UV Mapping dropdown in the RFRK particle object contained Chinese characters in Max 2013
  • fixed: hidden objects referenced by Maxwell proxies were rendered
  • fixed: crash when adding a second sequence to a RFRK mesher under some circumstances
  • fixed: no viewport texture preview for referenced materials
  • fixed: search paths were not used when locating BIN files for the viewport preview of RFRK meshers and particle objects
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK meshers was not refreshed after adding a new sequence
  • fixed: crash when unchecking and checking back the display in viewport checkbox in a MXS reference object
  • fixed: RFRK particles were skewed when rotated
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK objects and MXS references were not using the same search paths as the render
  • fixed: crash in older versions of Max which sometimes occurred when loading a scene
  • fixed: legacy particle systems were not exported from Max 2013
  • fixed: extension parameters which were strings (mesher BIN path, mesher realwave path etc.) were not exported correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: saving a sky to a HDR file didn't work in Max 2013
Note: the FBX import/export feature was added to be able to exchange scenes in FBX format between Max and Maya. In order for it to work, you will need to upgrade the FBX plug-ins in both Max and Maya to version 2013.3 from this page.
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.20
  • when importing MXM files, the plug-in looks for missing textures in the "textures" subdirectory of the MXM path
  • added the "maxwellRestartFire" MAXScript function
  • meshes and materials can be imported from MXS files
  • Max gamma correction no longer affects Maxwell material preview slots
  • added support for meshes with specified normals
  • added an object setting on legacy particle system which controls if they are exported as meshes or Maxwell procedurals
  • the exporter writes all the cameras present in the scene to the MXS file
  • added 2048 and 4096 to the list of allowed resolutions for viewport preview
  • the viewport preview looks for textures in alternative paths when they cannot be found, just like the exporter
  • the send job to network button supports animations
  • fixed: MAXScript error when trying to render from the command line
  • fixed: grass modifiers were exported even when they were disabled
  • fixed: crash on systems with video cards or drivers that don't support DirectX 9
  • fixed: wrong motion blur for PFlow instances when more than 2 motion steps were used
  • fixed: FIRE was not restarted after changing IBL settings
  • fixed: the material UI was not refreshed after importing a MXM file
  • fixed: the renderer was still started in some cases even though the export process failed
  • fixed: crash when a MXS reference object was using animation sequences
  • fixed: crash when switching to a non-Maxwell material after editing a Maxwell bitmap
  • fixed: crash when trying to export HairFarm objects with density textures applied
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.24
  • added support for moving camera in FIRE
  • the link camera FIRE option is accessible directly from the ActiveShade window menu
  • added support for solo layers
  • a warning is issued when PFlow instances cannot be exported due to duplicated group names
  • fixed: the API methods MaxwellMaxExtensionParams::SetIntArray() and MaxwellMaxExtensionParams::SetDoubleArray() did not work correctly
  • fixed: Chinese characters in exported IES paths
  • fixed: wrong camera used by send job to network
  • fixed: crash when rendering a RFRKMesher without any files
  • fixed: not all PFlow particles were exported when a system contained empty groups
  • fixed: the "extra particles" parameter of the MxParticles object was not exported
  • fixed: send job to network didn't start when the output file didn't already exist
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.27
  • added support for Max 2014
  • added support for Multiscatter
  • camera manipulation in FIRE uses an orbit camera model now
  • fixed: the UI of the Maxwell material isn’t shown if you select sub-components in the material navigator
  • fixed: gamma was applied twice in the Max render image view if the alpha channel was enabled
  • fixed: the draft quality setting in the render options panel wasn’t working
  • fixed: wrong position for Max Hair objects with non-identity pivots
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.30
  • added support for ornatrix v2 and removed support for ornatrix v1
  • hair vertex colors are gamma-corrected
  • the plugin no longer checks the save file flag, only the existence of the file name
  • fixed: the V texture coordinate was flipped when importing MXS files
  • fixed: the viewport texture display used the wrong UVW channel for referenced materials when the display driver was Direct3D
  • fixed: improper mesh import when it has a single material assigned per face instead of being assigned on the whole mesh
  • fixed: the proxy and RFRK objects crashed when used with some modifiers
  • fixed: crash when using multiscatter with MXS references and proxies
  • fixed: wrong transformation matrix for Max instances of Maxwell proxy objects
  • fixed: objects imported from MXS were invisible when the viewport was set to wireframe mode
  • fixed: objects imported from MXS became corrupted when converted to editable poly
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.37
  • objects hidden in the viewport can be exported as hidden to everything instead of being skipped altogether (this behavior is controlled by a render option)
  • added support for exporting UV coordinates for Max hair
  • added a checkbox in the Maxwell object parameters to control whether hair vertex colors should be exported
  • added a way to override the output image path
  • added the option to create a ghost BSDF for Maxwell lights
  • Maxwell lights are no longer hidden to reflections by default
  • fixed: wrong pivots for proxies and MXS references in the viewport
  • fixed: changing render settings from MAXScript no longer triggers unnecessary re-exports (particularly for IBL images)
  • fixed: wrong transformations when scattering objects imported from MXS
  • fixed: objects imported from MXS had wrong pivots
  • fixed: wrong frame number during export for BIN meshes in some cases
  • fixed: in scenes with more than one PFlow source, only the first one was exported
  • fixed: file sequences didn't work in MXS references
  • fixed: spotlight emitter had the same light distribution regardless of cone angle
  • fixed: crash in Ornatrix
  • fixed: wrong hair position when the mesh on which the strands were generated was controlled by bones
  • fixed: emitters created from Maxwell lights were disabled randomly
  • fixed: wrong MXI location when no path was given

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