By Bogdan Coroi
Mainly because having a menu acting like a button is misleading. Also since we introduced a Restart button as well, we grouped all 3 render actions under the same menu.
By sandykoufax
In 2.5.3, I can click [ Start - Stop - Start - Stop .... ]
Now 2.5.5, I have to click [ Render - Start - Render - Stop - Render - Start - Render - Stop ... ]

I'm curious who is misunderstanding them. Someone can mistake but they will know with just some trials and errors.
But now we have to click twice to something.
By Bogdan Coroi
Misleading as in if you see a menu item you'd expect to see its sub-items when you click on it. I also understand the frustration of having to click twice every time you want to start/stop/restart. If this is really a big issue for you guys, we can change it back the way it was, no problem. In the meanwhile we'll try to find a way to make it more easy to work with.
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