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By cyberjuls
Better placed here maybe.

Hey Tom or someone from NL could maybe answer this question too. That will maybe help people to understand better plugin implication as long as most of us don't have any idea of what is behind a plugin conception.

As many other users here, we all wait for a plugin for our app or for an update. Could you explain what is the difficulty of making a plugin (sdk changing... app specific sdk to learn). Is that a job that really can't be done by respectives community? Well my intention is besides the plugins that are not out or updated to know
1-if you plan to make them soon?
2-Is it long to do?
3-Could you supply/tease communities with plugin basis to motivate them?
4-Well in the end just explaining us like kids how is phased a plugin project so we could have a more comprehensive point of view of the stakes that are part of such a project.
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