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By seghier
you know there are two blender plugins for maxwell and the development stopped.
i check bmaxwell plugin which is compiled with sdk v3 and blender 2.78 and the problem that the developer "nildar" create his own pymaxwell.pyd
i tried to use the official pymaxwell.pyd but i have some problems ; the new one use new code like mxs.Scene and i think that Scene it is : Cmaxwell(mwcallback)
i tried to import the original pymaxwell as mw and create Scene = mw.Cmaxwell(mw.mwcallback) but always error :
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Scene = mw.Cmaxwell(mw.mwcallback);
AttributeError: module 'pymaxwell' has no attribute 'Cmaxwell'
i just try to make it work with V4 and pymaxwell4 and add other features.
the other plugin of developer "Carbon "; work fine with v4 but material preview and exporting very slow and importing don't work properly.
and need more features like vdb and fire .
any help very appreciated.
thank you
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By Brany
I am afraid you have to contact them directly if you need support for the Blender plug-ins.
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By Brany
Regarding FIRE or "material preview", we don't include our engine(s) in the public SDK. You have to pay for it ;)
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By Brany
I am not sure how the blender plug-in works. In our material editor you can just load/edit a MXM material, generate the preview, and save it in the MXM material.

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