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By seghier
New tab : Replace HDR
Single scene :
- if one hdr file selected ; it will assign to all layers ( background; reflection;refraction;illumination)
- if a folder with 4 hdr images inside selected : than every layer will replaced by a new hdr in numeric or alphabetic order (hdr must named like sequence)
sequence :
- standard : select a folder with 4 hdr images inside (named in numeric or alphabetic order) ; like in single scene every layer will have new hdr for all frames
- time-lapse : select folder where time-lapse hdr saved
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By seghier
i will add a tool to run a script which create "n cameras" around an object and the result can viewed in webs using html scripts or softwares like : 360 product viewer : https://www.webrotate360.com/products/w ... iewer.aspx


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