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By ArmanZak
When converting large objects(with triangle count up to 10M+) from 3rd party application to maxwell
I use setVerticesBuffer, setNormalsBuffer, setTrianglesBuffer and setTrianglesNormalsBuffer funcitons,
But how to pass triangles UVW.
I think it must be set in setTriangleBuffer with void *triangles parameter and incresing stride.
Can anyone help me?
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By Brany
Sorry, there is no method for that, you have to set the UVs one by oye using Cmaxwell::Cobject::setTriangleUVW(...). setTrianglesUVWsBuffer/setTrianglesUVsBuffer methods are planned for the next version of Maxwell Render.
Thanks for reply.
With one by one is very slow for very big objects.
And, if it's not secret, in what version will be added this function(in minor or major release,maybe in 3.3.0 or 4.0),
because my plugin still under development, and it will be great to work with setTrianglesUVWsBuffer/setTrianglesUVsBuffer functions.

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