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By lifeofdave
Hi All

I have a question about maxwell, paths and the sdk.

I'm calling getDependencies() in a python script on a .mxs file that was sent to me by someone else and it's returning relative paths:
(['textures\\texture_1.png', 'textures\\gold.ior', 'textures\\chrome.ior'])

This is the first time I've encountered relative paths in maxwell, and I wondered which plugins are capable of creating mxs files like this? For example could this be caused by exporting from Rhino, Maya etc? Also is it possible to use relative paths in Studio?

Thanks for any help!

By JDHill
It may be that the MXS was written by the Rhino plugin or SolidWorks plugin (or if it is somewhat older, by either the SketchUp or Cinema plugin), with the Pack & Go option enabled, in which case referenced files are copied to a "textures" directory next to the output MXS, with paths to them being written as relative. Other plugins may do so as well, but I don't know; I thought I had stopped doing it with Rhino/SolidWorks too (I recall there were sometimes issues with resolving these paths when network rendering), until checking while writing this response. As far as Studio goes, it can use MXS files that include relative paths, but I do not believe there is a way to make it generate them.
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