Everything related to SDK.
By neil hayes
I'm looking for the mxs file format specification but could not find anything. Is this information available?

I just the want specs. so I can write out files from my apps. for in-house use only. I use M~R studio and using obj is just a work-flow killer. It really is a very poor solution for creating a bridge between contemporary applications.

Before you ask, yes I have sent an email to you guys at about the time of 1.5 and got the respose 'we'll get back to you'... I'm still waiitng. Its a bit disappointing having a great render engine but no way to create a solution to fit my work-flow.

By neil hayes
Hello Juan,

Sent another email the day after my first post. Stéphane Abergel was extremely helpful with regard to my request for SDK access.

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