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By deadalvs
hi everybody !

i did some scripting in the past, mostly with MEL (maya) which is cool, but certainly has some limits.
i have had no education in C++ or a language like this, but it would be great getting into this.

i am very interested in getting to know how i could enter using an SDK and start working on my main fields of interest. this would be mainly be the developing of «intelligent shaders» that change due to the geometry, mentioned here:
http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... hp?t=19969

how would i start getting into this ?

i know this has something to do with an implementation of procedurals which MAY be under development right now and isn't yet available in any SDK, which makes it even more complicated...

* * *

can there be something said which isn't totally top secret ?

thanks in advance !!!

* * *


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