This forum will be used to announce new features and release

We have recently updated the plugin for Rhino to version

These are some of the most relevant new features and fixes:
  • It now also supports Rhino 8.
  • We added the option to use the Maxwell Procedural Textures from inside the Maxwell Texture node ( ... ll+Texture).
  • We added the Maxwell Stereo Lenses to the Maxwell Camera options.
  • Now, the Rhino clipping planes do work with Maxwell as a Boolean plane, and take their orientation into account.
  • The plugin is now taking into account its search paths to locate missing textures and files (it was broken before and it was annoying when moving a project to a different machine).
There are also a couple of known issues that will be fixed with future Rhino updates (at least we tested this plugin version with non-yet-public versions of Rhino and they fixed the problems):
  • In Rhino 8 on both Windows and MacOS the icons on the toolbars are getting some strange transparency effect that makes the toolbar icons look weird. It is supposed to be fixed in version 8.4.24016.03002 or newer.
  • In Rhino 8 on MacOS only, Fire image shows wrong if the Maxwell camera sensor proportion is set to something different from the viewport proportion and the “Display in Fire” option is set to “Final Render”. This will be fixed in Rhino version 8.5.24031.18002 or newer.
Here you can check the release notes in more detail: ... on+History

As always, you can get the new version from the "My downloads" section at the portal:

We hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,

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