This forum will be used to announce new features and release
Hello dear customers,

A new version of Maxwell is out! Maxwell 5.2.1. If you already own Maxwell 5 you can download it for free from the portal (remember to update both the plugin and the Maxwell Render version included within the installer) and if not, you can download it from the web and try it out for some days.

This version fixes some serious issues, like the problem reading MXI files bigger than 2GB, and adds a few small things like some parameters to control the displacement and the emitters in the Substance assistants.
Regarding the plugins:
  • We are adding support for 3ds Max 2022, Cinema S24 (it now includes a new vrscene (Vray) importer and some fixes), Archicad 25 (we have dropped Archicad 19 and 20, though).
  • We will update the plugin for Maya in a few weeks, solving bugs and updating it to the latest versions of both Maxwell and Maya. We are sorry it is not already available.
  • Regarding the plugin for Rhino, we are adding a good deal of features and tools: Maxwell Sea, Volumetrics, Subdivision modifier, now it shows the material's transparency in the viewport, a Path Fix tool,... You'll notice the Maxwell Tools toolbar is more populated than before. Also, somebody mentioned the Maxwell Grass should have a good grass material already applied; that's a reality now and the new Maxwell Sea extension object also features a nice water material with a subtle blue tint and attenuation. Check the complete release notes here; you may discover some new things: ... on+History
  • In the case of SketchUp, we changed a bit some of the light tool gizmos in order to make the source of the light match better with it; we are also assigning an IES file to the IES Light, an image to the Projector Light and an image to the HDRI Light so they work as expected when you create them. Check its release notes here: ... on+History
Here are the general release notes for this version: ... ease+Notes

We hope you enjoy the new version!

All the best.


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