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Good day!

We have just uploaded a new version of the plugin for Archicad; yay! It is Maxwell Archicad 5.1.2

It is mainly a bug fixing release, which is especially relevant for Archicad 24 but also includes some improvements for the FIRE window for Retina displays.
Also, there are some fixes related to Referenced MXS, object smoothing and crashes that will be very much welcomed in all versions.

Here are the release notes:

Maxwell Archicad 5.1.2
Publish date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020

  • (AC22 and above) FIRE window button and display sizes are scaled according to Archicad display settings.
  • (OSX Retina display only) FIRE window uses the full resolution of the retina display (cleaner buttons/texts).
  • Maxwell Library Objects (Referenced MXS, extensions, etc.) have a new display mode "Vertices (No BB)". This is basically the same as "Vertices" mode but it doesn't show the bounding box around the vertices.
  • Maxwell Referenced MXS and Maxwell Extension type library objects sometimes didn't handle the library string parameter well (some particular file paths could cause this error); this produced that the Referenced MXS didn’t show the referenced objects in the viewport.
  • (AC24 only) ARCHICAD crashed when the user opened FIRE settings from the FIRE window.
  • (OSX only) The buttons text, messages, etc. inside the FIRE window were not readable in some cases with more than one display.
  • In rare cases, scaled models were exported with wrong scale values to Maxwell.
  • The vertex normals of the exported objects can be wrong in the case export mode is using "3D Window".
  • (AC24 only) The numeric controls of the Surfaces dialog (inside the Maxwell tab) and the PhotoRendering Settings panel (inside Maxwell tabs) didn't store the new values when typed (only the spinner controls worked).
  • It was not possible to re-scale the "Maxwell Referenced MXS" library object on the floor view.
  • "Maxwell Referenced MXS" library object didn't update properly after path change.
  • The displayed values for "A" and "B" dimensions of the "Maxwell Referenced MXS" library object were wrong.
  • Maxwell Default Material is ON by default, and its value is set to the Maxwell Material Database default.mxm file (if exists on the user computer).
We hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,
Hi again dear customers,

In the version we uploaded yesterday we found a problem with the material preview in the Surfaces panel which rendered black.
We have fixed the issue and quickly uploaded new installers with the same version number but the problem fixed. If you downloaded the plugin yesterday, please, do it again to get that fixed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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