This forum will be used to announce new features and release

We have uploaded a new version of the plugin for Maya; it is Maxwell | Maya 5.0.6

We are adding support for MacOS and Maya 2020 (so now the plugin can be installed from Maya 2016 to 2020).
It is built to be used with Maxwell Render, so if you also own Studio, you should update it too.

There are also many improvements and fixes. Please, check the release notes:

Maxwell | Maya 5.0.6
Publish date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020

  • Built for Maxwell Render version
  • Added support for Maya 2020.
  • Added support for MacOS.
  • Added an option to activate or deactivate the Grass, Scatter or Subdivision extensions per node. You will find a new dropdown at the top part of their parameters panel.
  • Now the Maya’s File Path Editor tool also takes into account referenced mxs and mxm files so the user can now repath some or all of them to a different folder. This was already working for the textures used in the scene.
  • The exporter to Studio only exported what was selected; now, if there are objects selected, only the selected objects will be exported and, if there is nothing selected, everything will be exported.
  • When exporting to Studio, no camera was included; now, if there are objects selected, only the selected cameras will be exported and, if nothing is selected, all of them will be exported; in both cases, the active camera will be exported. When launching a render, only the active camera is sent.
  • Export to Studio, Pack and Go, File > Export and File > Export Selection now is exporting the group hierarchy to the mxs file. The mxs file generated when rendering will still be flat (so it exports the smallest file possible).
  • Export to Studio, Pack and Go, File > Export and File > Export Selection now is exporting the hidden geometry and its material.
  • When exporting to Studio now the environment settings are also exported.
  • If no path was specified for storing the mxs file, the export to Studio, Network or Maxwell Cloud commands failed; now an untitled.mxs will be saved in one of these folders depending on the operating system:
    -Windows: C:\Users\<username>Documents\maya\projects\default\scenes\maxwell\
    -MacOS: ~/Documents/maya/projects/default/scenes/maxwell/
  • The viewport preview of the sky was projected onto a too-small sphere so when the camera clips were active the preview of the sky could disappear. Now the sphere is bigger and will work better in most of the scenes.
  • The naming and icons of the Maxwell nodes now are more specific; these have been improved: Grass, Scatter, Maxwell Reference, Sea, Sky Preview, Bin Object, RFRK Object and RFRK Particles.
  • The “Update from File” button in a referenced material made the corresponding faces disappear in Fire.
  • Fire was not stopped when a normal render was launched.
  • The Pack and Go tool was not exporting the .mxs file or the Maya scene file in the selected location.
  • The plugin could generate Maxwell materials with the texture slot active but without a texture inside; this could make the GPU engine fail.
  • Maxwell Sea was not exported when using the export selection method.
  • Maxwell Scatter typo: Length Map should say Scale Map
  • Fixed obsolete code.
  • On Mac, mxs references, proxies and extensions (grass, scatter, sea,...) may not display correctly in the viewport and may produce some instability.
We hope you enjoy it.

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