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We have uploaded a new version of the plugin for formZ; it is Maxwell | 3ds Max 5.0.9

It now includes Maxwell Render, so Maxwell Render has to be updated along with it and benefits from all its improvements and fixes ( ... ease+Notes).

This version also includes several fixes and plugin improvements. Here are the release notes:

Maxwell | 3ds Max 5.0.9
Publish date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020

  • Built for Maxwell Render
  • Now the plugin also allows for loading LDR image formats besides HDR ones in the Image Based Environment (although we still strongly suggest not using LDR images to illuminate the scene). This is specially useful for the background, reflection and refraction channels.
  • Now the Export to Maxwell Cloud feature is capable of sending all the frames of an animation for rendering in the Cloud.
  • 3dsmax crashed when opening MW4 scenes that contained MxLights.
  • The plugin was not storing the values of Bump, Scale U and Scale V in Global Properties section of the materials.
  • The Maxwell sequence render feature was not launching Maxwell in frames mode (only rendered one file and not the whole sequence).
  • Inconsistency with the material layer enable/disable state when adding new layers.
  • 3dsmax crashed if Maxwell could not find a valid license.

We hope you enjoy it.

By the way, yesterday, when we had everything almost ready for the release, we knew that Autodesk had released the new 3ds Max 2021. This version is not compatible with it yet; we'll try to support that version as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
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