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Yesterday we uploaded new versions of the plugins for Rhino.
For Rhino 5, it's Maxwell 5 | Rhino 5.0.501
For Rhino 6, it's Maxwell 5 | Rhino for both Windows and Mac.

They are both built for Maxwell Render

These are the release notes of the plugin for Rhino 5:

Maxwell 5 | Rhino 5.0.501
Publish date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019

  • Built for Maxwell Render
  • Plugin help opened Maxwell 4 documentation page instead of Maxwell 5 one.

These are the ones of the plugin for Rhino 6:

Maxwell 5 | Rhino
Publish date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019

  • Built for Maxwell Render
  • In the case the plugin doesn’t find the texture files at the path stored in the MXM file, it will now also try to look for them in the same location as the MXM file (important for the texture display in the Rhino viewport and Fire).
  • Maxwell Render didn’t find the textures of the MXM materials downloaded from the gallery.
  • When loading an MXM file from the Web Gallery, the plugin was not finding the textures (as they pointed to a non-existing folder);
  • (OSX only) In plugin preferences, trying to change Texture Search Paths folders or MXM Gallery Alternative Folder crashed Rhino.
  • (OSX only) Maxwell mxm thumbnail was flipped upside down.
  • Maxwell Referenced Material buttons were not correctly aligned.
  • Exported Rhino 360 Environment was overexposed in Maxwell.
  • Fire in GPU will crash the plugin. It will be fixed in the next version of Maxwell and the plugin.
We hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,

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