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We have just released a new version of the plugin for SketchUp. It is version Maxwell 5 | SketchUp 5.0.1

It is built with the latest version of Maxwell (so it is safe to also update Studio to if you own it) and it will solve several problems we found especially on the Mac side.

These are the release notes:

Maxwell 5 | SketchUp 5.0.1
Publish date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019

  • Built with Maxwell SDK
  • The installer for MacOS sometimes didn't ask for write permission in Finder.
  • Improved notarization for MacOS Catalina.
  • Some context menu features were missing (UV Coordinates, MXS Reference,...)
  • Hide from Scene (main hide flag) was missing from the Object Properties panel.
  • Updated the links to the new documentation in the toolbar and Fire window.
  • SketchUp updated 3D warehouse to 2.0. Importing objects from it may crash SketchUp.
  • Importing a material from the online gallery may add an additional black material to the material list on the Mac version.
We hope you enjoy it.
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