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To the Maxwell Render community

Let me start this communication with just one word: sorry. Sorry for all the disappointment caused by our previous Maxwell release and for the long silence that came afterward. I owe you some words.

Maxwell 4 was not our finest hour. For reasons not worth going into here, we took poor decisions at both a management and technical level that affected both our quality and delivery process. I made mistakes and I take full responsibility for what happened. Maxwell 4 was the result of an internal state of affairs – a gray product that caused many of you to stop believing in us. Everything unfolded soon after Maxwell 4 was released. I decided to undergo a profound transformation in the organization, only possible thanks to the help of historical Maxwell developers and other key people who decided to stay.

It has been tough. We had to rewrite, throw away and fix tons of code while we reorganized the teams at the same time. The people that made it deserve my deep admiration so please don’t blame them. They have been working in the dark and looking to restore faith in the technology. Today the Maxwell team has been rebuilt. It’s made up of great historical contributors and new talent who are equally passionate.

Maxwell 5 is more than a new version, it is a new statement of intent, a new deal with our community. With Maxwell 5 we are resuming communication in forums, producing early builds, and setting up a continuous development model to deliver minor versions regularly. We know we are behind schedule and many of you won’t be fully satisfied with the 5.0.0. Our short-term priorities are focused on perfecting multi-GPU, reduce memory footprint, and add the most in-demand features. We are maintaining upgrade prices as low as possible to ease this transition while keeping our economies sustainable. Anyway, you’ll be hearing from us.

I understand if these words are not enough for many of you who decided to go – let me say sorry one last time and thanks.

For the hundreds of users that are choosing to trust again in Maxwell, we’ll do our best to get your respect back again and have fun.


Victor Gonzalez
Founder / CEO
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