This forum will be used to announce new features and release
Dear customers,

We have just released a new version of the plugin for Rhino 6: Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros

You will find the new panel to manage the custom alphas and several buttons related to custom alphas functionality; we have also synchronized Maxwell's sun with Rhino's one when you opt to use it.

As always you can find it at the portal:

In case you want to check the changes in more detail here are the release notes:

Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros
Publish date: Wed, 07 Oct 2019

  • New Custom Alpha panel and functionality which allows managing the assignment to objects (for the moment, it doesn’t work for materials)
  • New Custom Alpha section in Object’s properties area.
  • New Custom Alpha option in Extra Sampling mask type parameter.
  • New buttons to open Custom Alphas panel from Maxwell’s Object Properties and from Maxwell Render Settings > Output tab > Channels > Custom Alpha
  • New About box in Maxwell menu
  • "Use Rhino Sun" has been renamed to "Sync with Rhino Sun" (it reflects the behavior better).
  • "Sync with Rhino Sun" is now at the top of the Maxwell Sun settings.
  • In "Sync with Rhino Sun" mode the Maxwell Sun Type and the Rhino sun states are always in synchrony. Changing Maxwell sun type can change the state of the Rhino Sun / or changing the state of the Rhino Sun can change the Maxwell Sun Type.
We hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards,
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