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We have just released a new version of the plugin for Archicad: Maxwell 4 | Archicad 4.2.7
It adds support for Archicad 23, Extra Sampling controls ( ... a+Sampling) and improves several things around the material editor and the render settings. We are finally dropping support for 16, 17 and 18 versions on both Windows and Mac.

As always you can find it at the portal:

Here are the release notes:

Maxwell 4 | Archicad 4.2.7
Publish date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019

Version support changes:
  • Added support for ARCHICAD 23
  • Removed support for ARCHICAD 16, 17 and 18
  • Maxwell Material parameters have been reorganized to have cleaner, simpler and more compact look.
  • The material parameter "use MXM" was removed, now you can find the MXM material mode inside the list of Material Modes.
  • Emission Material parameter "Use Emission Color" was removed, now there is a new "Emission Color" parameter where you can choose from the "AC Emission Color" and "Temperature" modes.
  • Some of the Maxwell Render Settings have been reorganized:
    • Tab "Output" has been renamed to "Post-Process".
    • Image/mxi format and autosave controls have been moved to the General Settings.
    • "Simulens" is now inside the "Post-Process" tab.
    • Denoiser and the new controls for Extra Sampling are under a new tab.
    • Removed Control for the export Scene Name "Auto" switch. (If there is no name, it is exported in auto mode)
  • Added material flag Shadow to easily tag a material as a shadow catcher in the shadows channel.
  • Added material flag Matte to easily tag a material as a matte material (it makes it show the background of the scene).
  • Added controls for Extra Sampling (Render Settings Dialog).
  • FIRE follows changes triggered by the Opening tool.
  • Material with Emitter mode + IES/EULUMDAT froze ARCHICAD in the case the ies/eulumdat file doesn't exist.
  • The render camera didn't follow correctly the ARCHICAD camera (in some cases).
    NOTE (in the case Maxwell Resolution is by Render Size): by setting the "Apply Render Safe Frame" to ON (This check box is among the ARCHICAD PhotoRendering Settings > Size tab), ARCHICAD shows the safe frame that the exported Maxwell camera uses.
  • Maxwell Referenced MXS didn't show the geometry in the viewport in ARCHICAD 20 or newer (in the case file name or folder name in the path starts with the 't' character).
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