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Good day!

We have just released a new version of the plugin for Rhino 6: Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros

It has several improvements related to opening files from Rhino 5, handling camera focus point, and using Rhino lights with Maxwell parameters among other things. Please, check the release notes for more information.

As always you can find it at the portal:

Here are the release notes:

Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros
Publish date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019

  • Mesh objects are now exported into layer groups (to Studio).
  • Conversion from Rhino 5:
    • Rhino Gamma is set to default 2.2 (instead of previous 1.0)
    • Rhino 5 environment
    • Rhino 5 render settings (but not the channel settings)
    • Rhino 5 Maxwell Object parameters
    • Rhino 5 Camera parameters (known issue with Named Views)
  • New command Maxwell_PickCameraFocalDistance (in V6 this command sets the focus to the intersected surface or Mesh point and it is interactive in FIRE views)
  • New button for Maxwell_PickCameraFocalDistance on the Maxwell camera panel.
  • Camera Focus mode (Target/Manual/Auto) and Manual Focus Distance parameters.
  • Extra controls (FOV/Azimuth/Angle) for FishEye, Spherical and Cylindrical lenses.
  • Custom Alpha option for Extra Sampling (custom alpha options are still not complete).
  • Automatic light export for Rhino lights: point, spot, linear, rectangular (directional lights are not exported).
  • Maxwell specific parameters in Rhino lights in the Maxwell Object Property tab: IES and Projector light types (only for spotlights) and emission multiplier.
  • Maxwell light parameter "Rotation around dir." for IES and projector types to add an extra control over the orientation of the projected image or IES pattern around the axis of the light (it seems normal Rhino spotlights don't have it).
  • Global render switch for "Displacement"
  • Global render switch for "Dispersion"
  • Animation export mode. In case the actual Rhino renderer is Maxwell and user runs the "Record Animation" command the plugin exports the frames in animation mode. (After all the frames have been exported the user can control how the animation runs in the new "Maxwell Animation Controls" dialog). Limitation: in the case of sun study Maxwell always uses the Rhino sun data even if the Maxwell Environment was set for a specific location and date.
  • The plugin opens Overwrite warning dialog in case the output mxs file already exists.
  • Color type Maxwell controls were initially white sometimes - instead of the actual color.
  • Maxwell camera didn't match Rhino Parallel view (in rare cases).
  • lowPriority flag had no effect for the Maxwell Render priority.
  • The plugin read back wrong Maxwell Sun date/time settings in rare cases.
We hope you enjoy it.
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