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We have just released a new version of the plugin for Rhino 6: Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros
It makes the plugin more stable and fixes and improves several things, however, the issue with Windows 7 and 8.1 is still there. It's not an easy-to-solve problem related to Microsoft Redistributable files which we hope to solve soon.

As always you can find it at the portal:

These are the release notes:

Maxwell 4 | Rhinoceros V6
Publish date: Fri, 28 Jun 2019

  • The Font for Maxwell controls has been changed to match better the default Rhino UI and also because it has better readability.
  • If the current environment is a Rhino environment, it is also exported to Maxwell. It translates the color but if a texture exists it is translated as IBL.
  • Rhino sun change updates the displayed Maxwell Environment (under the Rhino Render view too).
  • Rhino sun automatically converted even if the actual Environment is not Maxwell Environment.
  • Render Wallpaper environment mode is exported to Maxwell as IBL environment with a planar background (in Maxwell it is always stretched to fit the render frame).
  • In the case of a FIRE error or warning, the viewport status shows that we have Error/Warning message from FIRE. By clicking on it a message dialog appears with the FIRE message.
  • In case of a FIRE error the displayed FIRE screen is black.
  • Better warning or error messages.
  • "Maxwell Referenced" material has its own type icon.
  • The create NEW mxm material button opens now the newly created material automatically in Mxed.
  • In Maxwell Render meshes were in wrong positions.
  • Maxwell export with a named view(s) could crash Rhino.
  • Maxwell Environment Sun date/time (with some localized formats) could crash Rhino.
  • Maxwell placed the objects in the wrong position during dynamic transforms (depends on scene base scale).
  • Rhino materials were not exported (in non-English Rhino versions).
  • Typo "Pin Holde" -> "Pin Hole".
  • Rhino viewports were full black after Maxwell Fire was used and after that, a new scene (or other scenes) was opened.
  • Rhino sun Enabled status is used if Maxwell Environment uses Rhino sun.
  • The "Maxwell Material" name has changed to "Maxwell Referenced".
  • In the case a Rhino environment is used (not Maxwell) and there is a background image, the plugin converts it to IBL and uses the image for all the IBL channels.
Known issues:
  • The plugin is still crashing Rhino on Windows 7 or 8.1 because of a problem with Microsoft Redistributable files. We'll try to workaround this in the next version.
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