This forum will be used to announce new features and release
Hello dear users,

We have just released Maxwell 4 | Revit 4.2.5. You can find it at the portal as always:

We are adding support for Revit 2020 and removed support for Revit 2014 and also included some fixes, changes and additions.

We hope you enjoy it. Here are the release notes:

Maxwell 4 | Revit 4.2.5
Publish date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019

  • Added support for Revit 2020.
  • Removed support for Revit 2014.
  • Changed log window so it doesn't open automatically after it has received new messages.
  • Improved log Ribbon button so it now shows the number of current log messages.
    Improved the icon of the Log Ribbon button; it now becomes red when the log message buffer is not empty.
  • Added item parameter: "Recalculate Normals".
  • Starting render export when a non-graphical view is active could cause problems.
  • Bug with crop view - wrong camera export
  • Revit Ribbon buttons list boxes could not contain '%' characters, which is a problem for example when a Revit view name contains '%' char(s). Now The plugin replaces this char to '_' char for the ribbon texts.
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