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Dear users,

We have just uploaded Maxwell |3dsmax 4.2.5 to the portal.
It's mainly a bug fixing release.

As always, you can get it from the Customer Portal in "My Downloads" area:

We hope you enjoy it.

Here are the release notes:

Maxwell | 3dsmax 4.2.5
Publish date: Tue, 05 Feb 2019

  • The latest update of 3dsmax (2019.3) crashed if our plugin was installed.
  • One of the Maxwell Proxies created did not cast shadows (it was actually hidden to GI) if the original object was hidden.
  • Maxwell toolbar did not remember its position in 3dsmax 2019 from one session to another; this is actually only partially fixed as there's a bug on the Autodesk side related to Qt SDK; we've managed to make it remember its position but not it's docking state (we are waiting for a solution from Autodesk).
  • 3dsmax crashed after using the "Send Job to Network" button from Render Setup window.
  • 3dsmax crashed if you added Maxwell Scatter or Maxwell Grass without having Maxwell set as render engine.
  • MxLight in Area mode was pointing to the wrong side when using the GPU engine.

  • Updated the Vray to Maxwell converter script so it can handle Metalness parameter correctly.
  • Tweaked some Vray to Maxwell conversion details in the case a falloff map is used in Reflect when doing metals so the converted material resembles the original more closely.

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