This forum will be used to announce new features and release

We have just uploaded Maxwell |3dsmax 4.2.4 to the portal.
It fixes some bugs mostly related to the Assistants.

As always, you can get it from the Customer Portal in "My Downloads" area:

We hope you enjoy them.

Here are the release notes:

Maxwell | 3dsmax 4.2.4
Publish date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018

  • In the case of Assistant Materials, when loading a bitmap the parameters disappeared from the UI.
  • Maxwell bitmap was showing only part of the parameters when loaded into an assistant.
  • Override Map functionality was not working at all in the case of assistants.
  • Occasional crashes when manipulating the Maxwell bitmaps parameters in the assistants.

Known issues:
  • Still, there are some quirkinesses in the interface when using the assistants that would require a bigger restructuring of Maxwell bitmap.
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