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By victor
Dear friends,

First of all, we would like to apologize for the unfortunate events of the last weeks. It is in response to this that, as CEO of this company, I would like to share some information with you in order to clarify some issues.

After testing the RC versions these past two weeks and having observed that it does not satisfy our final objectives, we have decided to explain some details of our development process and, in the next few days, present you with the RC5 version; one that provides the stability we’ve all hoped for and expected from the very beginning.

Looking Back.

Throughout the last 3 years, Next Limit Technologies’ R+D team has been constantly evolving and working on various new rendering systems capable of achieving the most realistic images possible and catering to professional needs while maintaining a minimal learning curve and ensuring ease of use and comprehension.

To this end, we’ve made important investigative advances and been able to bring something new to the world of image simulation. Our goals set for the development of Maxwell Render go beyond what is widely understood as rendering technology. We can say that we are currently at the beginning of this ambitious project that began 3 years ago and we are very close to being able to hold the first fruit of this labor in our hands; Maxwell Render 1.0.

We are also confident of its power and usability as was seen in the Beta stage but unfortunately not with the RC versions up until now. We wholeheartedly believe that Maxwell Render 1.0 will satisfy the needs of all the professionals working within this particular field of simulation technology.

The Here and Now

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been pursuing several parallel avenues of investigation with our render engine technology.

This last point is of great importance as it’s vital to us that you understand that the render engine used in the RC versions is only one of the various concepts that have been in development since the beginning. For internal reasons, this unfinished engine was incorporated into the RC version and was, admittedly, premature. This was our main mistake that lead us to an incredible confusing situation. Based on the render engine development experience we’ve had these years, we know that the changes necessary to fix this situation can be made without any great delay, but not in a short time.

In light of this and to quell any possible doubts or misunderstandings that have been rife during the RC period these last two weeks, we kindly ask you to work with the Beta version for the next few days, until we supply you with the RC5 version which will contain a new stable rendering technology with improvements on what we enjoyed with the Beta (new materials, faster engine, less memory requirements, etc). Maxwell Studio is at a very stable state, including texture projectors. We will also take care of the plugins as soon as RC5 is confirmed to work smoothly. Network rendering is almost finished; the cooperative rendering will be a very special feature that we are all waiting for.

After the release of Maxwell 1.0 (expected very soon), we will be steadily implementing new features into Maxwell Render 1.x versions that you will receive and fine tuning more advanced rendering technology.

Thank you again for your understanding during this period and your patience on this voyage. We have a good feeling about upcoming events. I will keep an open communication channel to inform you about the progress.



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