This forum will be used to announce new features and release
Hello, dear customers!

Today we have released Maxwell 5 | Rhino v. for Rhino 6 and 7 (it also includes the plugin for Rhino 8 WIP but we won't pay much attention to it until its version is final; it may be unstable).

It comes with a new Maxwell MXM Gallery panel ( ... lery+Panel) that will improve your experience when searching and downloading materials from the online gallery: bigger and resizable thumbnails, faster opening and search, you can import several materials in one go,...
There's also a new button in the Maxwell Environment to copy the sun location from Rhino Sun to the Maxwell Environment ( ... Sun-button)

Please, check the full release notes of this version here: ... 2-Abr-2023

As always, you can get it from the downloads section at the portal:

We hope you enjoy it and it makes your work easier.

Best regards,
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