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We have uploaded version 4.1.4 of Maxwell|Revit.

You will find it in "My downloads" section in Customer Portal (

Don't miss the new additions!

These are the Release Notes ( ... on+history):

Maxwell|Revit 4.1.4
Release Date: 20 Sep 2017

  • Added Extra Sampling options to the Render Parameters
  • Added new Custom Alphas Editor
  • Added quick custom alpha creation buttons for items and materials
  • Added Custom Alphas channel formats to the Output Channels
  • Added new Item Parameter Custom Export Name - user can add name to geometry objects, to make it easier to identify an object by name (also useful for Studio export)
  • Added UV and Deep channel formats to the Output Channels
  • Added Pack and Go export function
  • Added Overlay Text controls to the Render Parameters (Post-Processing)
  • Channel Depth has been renamed to Z-buffer
  • The UI of output Channels Format/Depth has been changed, now it is more similar to the Studio channels UI
  • Denoiser Tab is closed by default
  • Revit can crash if plugin opens its log windows immediately after the export process
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